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Cool Works Heating & Cooling is an air conditioning company

that is 100% focused on the cooling and heating systems

of your home or office.

At Cool Works, we strive to keep you as a customer with our performance - not a contract.


We don’t offer special deals and we won’t sell you items that you don’t want, or need.


Cool Works is an Air Conditioning company that is operated by an Air Conditioning Mechanic.



about us

Owner, Jim Hoffman, is a long-time resident of Manatee County, now living in Parrish, and married for the past 27 years to his wife Cindy, they have one daughter.


Jim is a Marine Corp. veteran, and has worked the last twelve years as a NATE certified HVAC service technician.  Jim has worked for both small independent A/C companies to large corporations working on both residential service and repair as well as new construction working from the ground up.  Jim isn’t a manager who stays in the office, but actively works in the field and is current on the newest A/C systems and technology.


Cool Works isn’t just our company name, but a goal we guarantee to our customers!

our services

Our mission is to provide the best service

100 % percent of the time.

  1. Repair of your system.

  2. Full Maintenance  (All maintenance covers the full service).

  3. Replacement when needed.

  4. Improved Indoor Air Quality products - when you want them!

  5. Free second opinion

  • We do straight time pricing for residential customers.

  • We have a $59.00 Diagnostic charge.

  • All repairs are pre-approved so there are

  • no surprises when your technician hands you the bill.


We service areas from Sun City Center to all of Manatee County.  We will work around your schedule, so you don’t sit at home waiting for us.  You will get a call 30 to 45 minutes prior to arriving at your home because we understand the importance of your time. If a specific time is required, please feel free to request that time.


Quality repairs that don't break the bank.


From minor repairs

like capacitors, to major repairs like compressors -

we will tell you the problem and the cost to repair,

and you decide

on the plan of action.


Have you been quoted

a high price?

Is the technician using

words that sound scientific?


If so, call Cool Works!

We know the game and can explain things

in very simple terms.  


Looking for a New System?


Is the repair cost too much for the age of the system?


Cool Works can help,

with systems designed

for your life style, and not your bank account.


We are also happy to offer

a free (no obligation)

second opinion!

Contact us today

for more information on how we can help you save money.




Repairs happen at the

most inconvenient time, and most repairs are due maintenance related issues.


Drain lines and capacitors

are the most common failures, and for a maintenance fee

of $59.00, we can help prevent these repairs.


No multi-level plans,

just quality maintenance

done by the right professionals.

Schedule your maintenance

appointment today!

looking for hard to find filter?